Landscape shots from British Columbia

Once again these are from and close to Kamloops BC area. Olympus Em1 Mk1, Panny 8-18mm and Panny 14-140mm and obviously edited in DT 4.6 Some are HDR, Singe shot and Live Composite.

Any questions or unsolicited critiques feel free to post lol


Image 5: Quite a bold composition. Like it.
Image 9,12 and 13: What do we see in this long/composite exposures? Snow cannons gone wild and taken by the wind?
(And the no. 1 is of course a charmer …)

The steam is from a pulp mill but the clouds look like that because I was using Olympus Live Composite.

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2+3 are great, no 5 is genius and the steam ones are interesting.
Thanks for sharing

Image 5 and the last one are simply brilliant compositions. Excellent play of colors in such a flat background. Thanks for sharing

I have been looking at the last image again many times over because I find it intriguing, but something doesn’t feel right.
I’ve come to think it’s too much uninteresting foreground.
I suggest that the image should at least be cropped at the bottom. Perhaps also slightly at the right, but there is a curve there at the beach, corresponding to the trains, that perhaps should be maintained. Those trees in the “right hand corner” contrast very much with the ice, however, and tend to draw some attention, so perhaps crop to a line that eliminates both the two threes and all of the see/ice to the right?

And what about lifting the light somewhat in those areas that are in shadow?

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