Landscapes from British Columbia - DT edits

From last few weeks or so. Olympus Em MK1/Panny 14-140mm/Panny/Leica 8-18mm and obviously edited in Darktable. Any questions just ask. Also noticed on Samsung phones they can look a stop or more darker. They do on my phones but look like on my PC on my Lenovo tablet.


A Magnificent portfolio! Thanks for sharing.

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I would really like to know where the locations are.
Would it be too much to ask to edit the original post and add where you took the photos?
BC is beautiful indeed. Exploring it and finding good viewpoints can be much easier with a good advice :slight_smile:

Crap seems the maps inserted here don’t stay at the exact spot. Kind late here if I have time I’ll red to the maps tomorrow

1, 2, 3 around this area on Shushwap Road

3,8,9 Monte Lake

4 from Knuff Lake Road Silentpool Lake

5, 6, 7 from Sage Trail in Kamloops city

10 Falkland BC

One of the forestry roads above Kamloops Lake in Savona BC. The Road that goes to Red Lake.

here Google Maps


Mount Lolo

16,17 Kamloops Lake accessed through Trquille Eco Reserve. Zoomed in on the spot. The road there is a bitch sketchy certain times of the year because of water washing out the road


Thank you! Very nice pictures. I’ve been few times in Kamloops but all the time just went through the city. It is very good to know where to go for photography places.

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Most of the locations are pretty much in town or 20-30 min away, if you like sunrise/sunset and desert/hoodoo like typography this place is a gold mine, its sucks for everything else lol

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