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I can see the new version of darktable isn’t in the language I want, is it possible to download an older version of the program?
I am a teacher, and most of my students only understand Danish

What operating system are you using?

You could even help translating darktable to Danish:

I am using mac, but my students will be using both mac and windows.

I am not sure I would be able to follow the instructions you have written, I dont know what you mean by the git, og a P0 file.

I am sure most of my students won’t be able to follow what to do, so the ideal solution for me would really be if my students could somehow instal version 2.4.1 which is the one I have right now, in danish. Is that possible or not?

  1. I just found the release of the old versions here:

  2. I haven’t written the documentation for the translator.

git is the version control system that the darktable developers use:

PO files are the files with the translations:

If creating the PO file is to complicate for you perhaps someone her can provide an actual PO file. Just ask.
Then you just need to translate the text. To make translating easier I would recommitment a tool like Poedit:

After the translation is done, ZIP the file and send it to the developer mailinglist:

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cool, thank you so much, I dont know if I can create the P0 file, but I can definitely translate :smiley: