Larger Videos okay?

Greetings. First post here. I have a question on whether or not this is a good solution. I’ve got PhotoPrism running on my unraid server, and I’m using PhotoSync on my iPhone 13 Pro to push content over.

It seems as though the setup is struggling with large sized videos. I have four boys, and three of them are playing in competitive AAU basketball, and I like to throw my phone onto a gimble to shoot video of their games (one half at a time). These take up a huge amount of space on the phone, especially when you figure I could be doing 10 games in a weekend. I want to be able to dump those to my server and then edit them down later mostly looking at specific plays and helping them study the film to get better.

The smaller videos seem to have no issue, but these videos are not seemingly transporting well. Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Thank you.


Hello Chris :slight_smile:

What exactly do you mean with are not transporting well?
Do you have trouble getting big videos imported/indexed or do they take a long time to load when being played for the first time?

Hi not sure if this is the same issue Chris is having but I can’t upload large video files either. Any video that’s larger than 100mb refuses to upload using any of the available upload methods (PhotoSync, manual website upload).
I already updated the config file to ignore any upload limit by changing the value to “-1”. I can post my config settings if needed.

You can change the file size limit via “PHOTOPRISM_ORIGINALS_LIMIT”. Whether it is currently set and to what default depends on your environment, especially if you use third-party integrations. Also, you need to configure any reverse proxy you use to allow large uploads.