Last of the morning fog

Hello all - and thanks in advance. First post in Play_Raw. I use Darktable exclusively. This image taken just as the fog was vanishing. I want to find a way to emphasize the fog. I’ve attached my processed RAW file, and the xmp file for it. My eye was caught by the contrast of the clearing sky, and the foggy foreground in the trees. Took several photos that morning,
P1058770-_02.rw2.xmp (5.7 KB)

I’m not real familiar with Play_Raw so if I missed something in the procedures etc please let me know. I’ll go stand in the corner until you tell me I can come out.
Any suggestions for this image? I use Darktable only at this point. Thanks for lookin’!
P1058770-.rw2 (23.0 MB)

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I uploaded the photo but only see a download link. Man, I’m going to spend a lot of time in the corner I think…

I just had a quick go at processing this image. I wanted to keep the processing simple as I just wanted to see how my approach brings out the fog compared to others. This is one image where I found using shadow and highlights module very detrimental to the look so I just used the tone equalizer module.

The image could be brightened more if desired.

P1058770-.rw2.xmp (14.7 KB)

Thanks Terry. I just tried that. Tone equalizer could be helpful. Increased exposure did help. For some reason DT Raw files tend to be quite a bit underexposed for my camera (Panasonic G9), but I try to be very careful not to blow highlights.

On another note (since I’m new to Play_Raw )- how do I get my image to show in my first post? and thanks!

dt 4.2

P1058770-.rw2.xmp (10,7 KB)

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You just need to upload a jpg as well, either an export from dt or the out of camera jpg if you prefer.
dt never touches raw files, hence the xmp for the edit history and the jpg to show your version.
My version coming up!

Thanks Steven, just uploaded the jpg.

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I used dt 4.3, so I hope the xmp will load correctly in the current 4.2… let me know it’s doesn’t and I’ll try and do another in 4.2.
I used sigmoid instead of filmic (as I usually do), and used a diffuse and sharpen instance set to bloom blended in multiply. I like this effect. Also used a second exposure instance masked to a gradient to lower the exposure on the sky without darkening the fog - I tried using tone eq, but used globally it spoilt the foggy effect.
FWIW, I usually don’t worry about highlights when setting exposure, then use tone eq or masks like here to lower highlights as needed.

P1058770-.rw2.xmp (12.8 KB)
And welcome to play raw! :wink:


Testing ART on Mac.

P1058770–1.jpg.out.arp (14.0 KB)


RawTherapee (5.9 dev.) and ImageMagick for the border.


Steve, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll play with this, and reduce the effect just a tad. Now I have a tool to work with.

Hiram, Interesting to see it monochrome. I need to try this on other photos. Should have taken a time lapse of the lifting fog. You can almost ‘see’ the motion in this image. Thanks!

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thank you Jade_NL (Netherlands??) I haven’t played much with RawTherapee much but might after this.

Very nice shot, magic moment!
I started to play in B&W at first, then switched back to a slightly discolored color. Edits with Color balance RGB and multiple instances of Diffuse or Sharpen (mainly add local contrast). Probably I overcooked it, sorry.

P1058770-.rw2.xmp (12.9 KB)


It’s almost monochrome. I would say it’s chromatically attenuated by about \ -10\mathrm{dB} (i.e., I left 10% of the color in).

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I kind of like that. Just a tad of color.
All these are giving me ideas.I’m not necessarily looking for a final product, but what tools were used and how. Thanks! Lots if good ideas here.

I gave it a shot and this is how it came out. Still learning myself.


A quick play in GIMP.

Very nice shot, was fun working with it :+1:

P1058770-.rw2.xmp (21.0 KB)

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My edit.

P1058770-.rw2.xmp (13.8 KB)