Last update: What has happened to Warp+++ ?



With the last update two days ago my perfered filter Warp+++ is quite useless for me: just distorted/pixelated results. I tried nearly everything to get a result like before updating, nothing works - just distorted pics. Horrible!

OS: Ubuntu 16.04

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Being disparaging isn’t going to encourage anyone to help you. Further, this is a pretty poor bug report. Do you have some images of what it look like when it worked vs what it looks like now?


Do you mean this?


So yeah ↑

That said, I do get an error.


PS Command line doesn’t not yield an error but :exploding_head: there are so many parameters to type!

gmic tiger.png +fx_ultrawarpplusplusplus 0,0,3.3,0,1,20,0,0,1,4,256,4.8,5,2,0,0,2,5,2.8,10,1,1,0,2,1,2,0.25,1,1,0,5,0,3,0,20,-180.01,-.01,-20.01,1,0,0 o warp+++.gif,1


I am sorry for my inaccurate description of my problem. Without that nobody can help. And I really appreciate your help, suggestions and ideas for this problem.

The Warp+++ filter you can find in G’mic under Degradations. This filter is my finishing filter for editing pics or collages. After the update the Warp+++ filter has some more settings and some settings have new/changed values. I have tried a lot of variations of the settings, switched settings off and on but the results are always horrible. I hope someone can give me a hint what I can do. Thank you in advance.

Here you can see examples of edited pics before the update:

These are results after the update:


Yes, exactly my problem. But I didn’t get an error message. I think the best is to wait for the next upadate.

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What’s happened is that the quadtree and segmentation ‘modules’ are on. Also, I’ve updated that filter since then: here’s the very latest version. This one has a different warping intensity thing based on powers so setting it to 10 warps the image a lot. Here’s an example where the warping isn’t so great.


Thanks a lot! Tomorrow I’ll try it out (it is late evening in Germany) and will be back with a report. :raising_hand_woman:

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Sure, don’t be afraid to tinker with it, either through the settings or through modifying the filter itself. Have fun with it!