LCP file distortion correction backwards


(Dean) #1

I’m new to RAW and RawTherapee (5.1) and working on basic setup and trying to get basic camera / lens corrections to work (Pentax k-70 / 16-85mm). Pulled DCP and LCP files from current Adobe DNG Converter.

Renamed and put DCP in dcpprofiles and assume it’s working so far (no obvious change in my bland test file - @16mm). (a log file would have been nice for verification!)

However, when I goto Transform/LCP and select my lens file, the distortion gets much worse. Like it adjusted in the wrong direction. Auto-fill changing did not effect this problem. As a side note, Vignetting did get better.

What am I doing wrong with applying the LCP file, and is their anyway to auto-detect my lens like with the DCP file?

Sigma 2.8 17-50 - wrong distortion correction
(Alberto) #2

please provide a sample raw and the relative LCP. without them, it’s a bit hard to know what’s going on…

(Morgan Hardwood) #3
  1. Set verbose=true in the options file.
  2. You’re confusing DCP files with LCP files.

As @agriggio wrote, please upload the raw + LCP (not DCP), you can use if this forum doesn’t let you attach both.

(Dean) #4

Here’s a link to the files if it works…

Tried quickly setting verbose in the options file, but didn’t seem to do anything. Where is the output? Does it need to be in a specific category? Is this type stuff documented anywhere?

Thanks for any feedback.

(Dean) #5

Nevermind about the options file. I was not using the correct one, but now found it (I’m on Windows). I’ll check it out.


(Alberto) #6

Thanks for the files. I confirm there seems to be a bug in the logic that finds the appropriate correction parameters for the given focal length and aperture value. If you manually edit the LCP and only keep the right entries, everything works as expected.
Here’s the edited file for your convenience. (I had to change the extension to .txt to be able to upload)
a.lcp.txt (12.5 KB)

I’ll investigate ASAP what is going wrong.

(Dean) #7

Thank You for the quick feedback! Confirmed that it moves in the right direction with that test file (little too far I think).

Let me know as you go along if you get the chance, or if it’s taking longer than expected. I really like this program so far and really really want it to work well.