Learning Natron 2.5

Hi all,

I would like to know if there is a good book on compositing you can recommend. I ordered ‘The VES Handbook of Visual Effects’, but this is way too heavy for me :slight_smile:



How about searching YouTube?

Oh, I see.Thanks. :wink:


True, but:

There are also video tutorials available on video streaming platforms (youtube, vimeo) for Natron or other reference compositing software, such as Nuke or Fusion. These tutorials can be used to get acquainted with compositing.

It was asked for books.

I didn’t know that they are now also shown on Youtube.

Actually there are plenty of videos on YouTube that show books.

Do we really need to be this pedantic?

Claus has asked for books

Yes, we should give Claus the answers he wants to hear, not the ones we think of, so we can talk about something no one has asked.

What are you contributing to the question now?

Trying to foster discussion and help in the community, instead kd trying to shut down the conversation.

Let me be more clear: stop. Conversations will have their own flow and don’t need such levels of obnoxious pedantry.

Some books on the topic:

Depends on what you know and where you want to go. Books, guides and manuals for Nuke will also help.

Thanks for all who contributed something. In the meantime, I found a good book on compositing with Nuke and After Effects by Lee Lanier (“Professional Digital Compositing”). Excerpts from this book are available on Google Books. I also got the impression that Natron and Nuke have much in common. Out of curiosity, I downloaded the 30-day trial of Nuke, but in the long run, I want to work with Natron, because Nuke is way too expensive for me. So, I will look into the books you recommended.

Thanks again,