Lens Adapters Old Leica Lens to Sony A6000 : Help Required


(Phil Howcroft) #1

Hi All

I am turning to this community because I know someone will know the answer.

I have acquired via a relative a elmar f = 9cm 1 : 4 (black from 1937)

I want to test it on my Sony Alpha A6000 (E-mount) by attaching it to an adapter

The world of vintage lenses is totally new to me , so i would just like someone to point me in the direction of what type of adapter I need to buy.

By searching other forums / Amazon / Flickr etc. I get bits of info but nothing definitive

I am very much a street photographer and love portraits, so I am excited at the prospect of trying this wonderful piece of kit out to compare the results with my Sony Prime 50mm lens.

As soon as I have purchased an adapter, I will post some images on here.

Thanks in anticipation of your help.




Most Leica lenses are M mount, but you may need an LTM (Leica Thread Mount) to Leica M adapter to attach to and leave on the lens. Then you use a Leica M to Sony E/FE adapter.

(Phil Howcroft) #3

ahhh thanks for that info’ and the fast response, i will do a bit more googling :slight_smile:



(Alan Gibson) #4

Ooh, I’ve got one of those! Same year! To be honest, it was never a favourite lens. Rather soft and low contrast, which was okay for soft romantic portraits (effect #234 in the digital toolbox) and not much else.

It doesn’t have auto-stopdown, so metering and focusing will be a pain. But I’d like to see any results.

(Ingo Weyrich) #5

The world of lenses (not only vintage lenses) is great.
I use a lot of old (~25 years) Nikkors on my Nikon D700 without an adapter, but also my beloved 105mm/f4 Apo-Rodagon with an adapter.

Therer are no free solutions, but maybe have a look at leitax and Zörk

(Phil Howcroft) #6


Thanks, the lens looks clean and the glass shows no haze or fungus and when I look through it it looks good. That said, the size of the glass is actually quite small, so I think I might be expecting a little too much in the quality stakes. We will see :slight_smile:

(Phil Howcroft) #7

Thanks ingo, very interesting links my friend



(Ken Moffat) #8

For 35mm images (36x24), 9cm was a portrait lens. But that Sony appears to use an APS-C sensor which is probably 23.5-23.7 x 15.6 mm.

I forget the maths, but I suppose the effective focal length will be more like a 135mm in 35mm terms.

(Dario) #9

It should have a 1.5 crop factor
So a 90mm lens became a 90*1.5=135mm equivalent, in term of field of view

(Phil Howcroft) #10

@Dario_M @zarniwhoop thanks for the info guys.

Thanks for that, that is quite some crop,
I do a lot of portraits (street portraits) and tend to use a 50mm lens on my Sony which works out about 80mm ish.
I am hoping to get out this weekend with it :slight_smile:



(Emanuele Olivetti) #11

If this is your lens, http://lensbeam.com/obektivy/obektiv-ernst-leitz-gmbh-wetzlar-elmar , then you should be looking for an m39 to e-mount adapter. According to what I read on that page, there is also a Leica-M mount version of that lens. In this last case, a Leica-M (LM) to e-mount adapter would do. Both adapters can be bought from different manufacturers, from the very cheap ones (aliexpress/ebay, 5-10 euros, sometimes not much reliable), to expensive ones (fotodiox, novoflex, 40-60 euros).

If you are in doubt about the lens mount, post a picture of your lens here.



(Phil Howcroft) #12

@Emanuele_Olivetti Emanuele thank you for your reply. that is indeed the lens.
I found an adapter on amazon.
I bought a "KECAY Leica M39 L39 Screw Mount (39mm thread) Lens to Sony NEX E-Mount Camera Adapter"
It cost me 13-50 GBP and I have used it successfully
Here are a couple of links to some pics I took with it

Thanks everyone for your input and help