Lens correction before stiching?

I had success with stiching panaoramas using Hugin from JPEGs. I want to improve my process and be able to post process the panorama. So I plan on processing the raws to TIFFs and then stich them together. A few questions arise:

  1. Should fix lens distortion and vignetting in the raw->tiff conversion? Or should I let hugin handle it?
  2. Should I do noise-reduction on each single raw->tiff or should I apply noise reduction on the resulting panorama?


I would do as much as you can in the raw processor before stitching, that way your operations are in the lossless pipeline.

Hugin will automatically detect and correct vignetting and more precisely than you can.

Distortion… That might be better to do before stitching, though Hugin can correct for that too if you have enough control points.

Will hugin correct vignetting better than lensfun or an Adobe’s LCP? How does it do it?