lens correction profile for fujifilm 16mm f2.8 for darktable

Hi all,
Is there a lensprofile of the fujifilm 16mm f2.8 for Darktable already available?

Check the lensfun database on https://lensfun.github.io/

if it is not supported, create a correction profile yourself:


I do not have the lens yet. Was just curious a correction profile was already made.

Yes, it has been made, although I update regularly lensfun (from terminal with lensfun-update-data). So if it does not come with your distro default package, just run the “terminal” update.

I only see the profile for the 16mm f1.4. I mean the new fujifilm 16mm f2.8 R WR lens.

Hi @RMA, I already have the vignetting and distortion calibration for
the new XF 16mm (https://github.com/t3mujin/lensfun/blob/master/data/db/mil-fujifilm.xml), but haven’t did the pull request into lensfun project yet because I still haven’t done the TCA correction.

Often you can just use the distortion pictures for it. Did you try it to generate them and check if it works?

I just corrected the title. Put for instead of dor and darktable instead of Darktable. Hope it’s okay.

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The new 16mm f2.8 is in delivery for comming weekend. So i hope to see a lensfun update soon. Many many thanks upfront​:+1::+1::+1:

You are right, I miss-checked the thing, you are right

Actually I didn’t, but since my distortion images weren’t “contrasty” at all I didn’t even tried. I’d rather have good samples. It’s just a matter of getting a good sample and running the scripts, but I haven’t been able to that simple thing for the last couple of weeks :slight_smile:

Yesterday I received the lens. I can send you some RAF files. I do not know how to use a script. In Darktable the 16mm f2.8 is recognised as the wide end of the 16mm to 55mm zoom😊
Let me know what you mean with contrasty photo. Greetings.

Thanks, but there’s no need, I’ve had the lens since it came out and right now I may even already have some good enough samples in my archive :D, so I’ll take care of that soon and run the script to submit the pull request. But even after me doing that it may take a bit before a new version gets released, so meanwhile you can replace the mil-fujifilm.xml in file in your lensfun installation with the one with my changes (https://github.com/t3mujin/lensfun/blob/master/data/db/mil-fujifilm.xml), it already includes the distortion and vignetting corrections for the 16mm f2.8. My updated file has been the one I’ve been using in darktable for the last weeks.

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Many thanks for your reaction. So I do have to replace the xml file. Lensfun on my Manjaro linux systeem sits in usr/share/lensfun. So i have to replace there the xml.file and restart?
Do i have to have a account to get the xml file from Github. I don’t see any download link after activating your link.
Hope to hear from you.

Hi Joao,
Did found the directory of lensfun-updates on my system. Was in /VAR/LIB …
I did change the xml file with your extra code.
Now it functions.
Darktable detects the 16mm f2.8 r wr lens.
Big barrel distortion compensation when taken a object short to the lens.

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Sorry, but I’ve away from the computer in the last couple of days. Glad you found your way to change the database :slight_smile: