Lens correction


I have run into a problem that is a bit annoying. My “second” camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ70. When I import images from it the Image information says model DMC-TZ70 but when I edit and apply Lens correction it is suddenly a DMC-TZ71.
I can change it to the proper model and lense and this makes a difference to the image. But I cannot understand why this sudden change in both model and lense.
It´s not a big change to make it correct but to repeat this perhaps 200 times is a bit boaring!

I raised an issue with darktable when I encountered this issue with my TZ70 (here https://redmine.darktable.org/issues/11983) and was asked to raise the issue upstream with the lensfun project.

I raised the issue with lensfun (https://github.com/lensfun/lensfun/issues/684) which has now been set to resolved. I haven’t tested myself, since I haven’t used the camera for a while, but you may just have to run the “lensfun‑update‑data” command to get the lensfun database updated on your system.

Failing that, running the above command will still create a copy of the correction data and tell you where it has been put. You can then edit the xml file manually.

Hello Chris

Thank¨s for your answer, sorry to say I am a Windows user and I could not figure out how to update lensfun under my OS.
Currently I run darktable 2.7 and it seems that the problem is still exist.

Ah. Can’t help with that I’m afraid!

If I remember correctly, the relevant lensfun data on Windows is somewhere in the darktable install folder. I am not sure if you can just download the new files and copy them there or if the person that creates the build has to update the data before packaging everything.

You are quite right there, C:\Program Files\darktable\share\lensfun\version_1 holds the xml files.
Among them is mil-panasonic.xml where I guess the relevant code is. It starts with lensdatabase version = “1”, the file is 1 943 lines if that means anything to you.
Does this file exist on a Linux installation? In that case maybe it is possible just to copy that single file?


It should be possible for you to just replace it.

German version of TZ70. I that the only difference?

This worked! I replaced the compact-panasonic.xml file with the one on Git repository and now I have the right model. Thank´s for your help, all of you!

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