Let sleeping dogs lie

I’d appreciate comments about the shot and my edit.

His black and white fur is hard to capture. I started by dropping the contrast in filmic rgb to bring out details in his face and the white fur. I wasn’t hapy with the color, so converted to B&W.

DSC08862.ARW (23.8 MB)

DT 4.0.1
DSC08862.ARW.xmp (49.5 KB)


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The challenge for me was wanting to retain the detail in both the dark and light fur. I played with exposure module to retain the highlight details and tweaked filmic’s white slider to retain the whites. I then used tone equalizer module to brighten the dark fur and darken the white fur.

DSC08862.ARW.xmp (10.2 KB)

Really nice photo akgt.
I did what I could in RawTherapee then finished it off in gimp


My version…

DSC08862.ARW.xmp (21.2 KB)


darktable 4.0.1

DSC08862.ARW.xmp (8,2 Ko)

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I will try one when I have time…consider not using filmic…many photos actually come out better without the std application of filmic. Just use local contrast and the tone eq and see what you get… I will see if my advice is correct for this photo later when I have time to edit but you might save more details in the fur…


60 second edit while dashing off… so its likely crap but simple modules mostly using defaults or presets and no masks… No filmic or sigmoid… As shot legacy wb

Added CLUT at the end to make the gate richer and throw a bit of potential sunlight on the dog… For sure some more time and attention would be much better…

DSC08862.ARW.xmp (8.4 KB)

Zooming in there were a couple of small areas still blown but in the white fur…like along the right front leg… little more gentle pulling down the Tone eq curve seems to pull those in too…

If that is a bit dark then lifting the mids in rgb CB a bit and zooming I noticed some color noise or CA on the nose and snout so tweaked that with CA module…

DSC08862.ARW.xmp (8.4 KB)