LGM 2019: Questions and answers

How can I see my registration details or check my status?

Write a mail to lgm@k8.design if you have questions.

How can I check my lunch reservations?

Write a mail to lgm@k8.design if you have questions.

Do I need to bring something for the LGM BBQ?


The conference venue is Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar starting Thursday morning?


Where do we meet for the Photowalk on Wednesday?

At the entrance of the Hochschule der Bildenden Künste at 11am.


On Wednesday there is the photowalk at 11am, starting at HBK. In the evening at 6pm there is the official opening in Penguson Bau. The actual LGM afterwards is in HBK.

About the other questions: I don’t know if you can see your registration details anywhere, maybe mail one of the K8 people, address is on the lgm site. For lunch there will be a catering company, I don’t think that there are real reservations.

If you need to check your registration or your lunch reservation, please send an email to lgm@k8.design. Someone of the local organisation team will answer you.