LGM 2019 woot woot

For all the people who were there: fucking awesome event.

For all the people who weren’t : you missed out.

See you all at LGM 2020


I’ve heard LGM’2020 will be held in Rennes / France, in which case I’m confident I’ll be able to be there :slight_smile:

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That’s good news! I did my PhD in Rennes, loved the time I spent there!


I happen to live in France, but Saarbrücken is closer than Rennes

WTF - I plan to be there anyway ;o)

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Cap Frehel?

North (59) close to Cambrai/Valenciennes, but we ar moving slowly towards our holiday-home in Le Touquet.

I meant that I will go to Cap Frehel if I go to LGM2020

Does anybody know the dates for LGM 2020?