LGM Friday afternoon 16:30 - pixls.us meeting

(Stefan Schmitz) #1

I just checked the LGM Schedule and found a PIXLS.US Community Meeting. There are seven names so far. Anyone else coming?

Do we need to register for that?

(Tobias) #2

I’ll try to make it to the meeting.

(Pat David) #3

The names listed are mostly just the overall presenters we’re pretty sure will be there. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend so we can talk about the community and our efforts in the future!

Note: I’ll be posting soon about accommodations and the workshops you’re hosting (and the community meeting) soon in a post on the site.


Well I think it is not ideal that the most interesting workshops are all on Friday afternoon. At the moment I tend to go to the Pixls-us meeting but but I think that the Bauhaus thing sounds also very interesting. I guess it depends on whom I will meet before Friday afternoon.
But, I mean… who is even interested if I am coming or not? :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway, I just wanted to mention that several interesting workshops are at the same time.

(Eylul / Azbulutlu) #5

Going to be doing a talk there as well (friday morning, on education track) so will be there, unless there is a visa issue or something :slight_smile:


I remember there being talk of sharing accommodations. Is this going to happen this year or should I get my own hotel?