Library Culling Workflow - Can this be streamlined?

I apologize if I am doing this wrong - I am new to the community. But the culling process is very frustrating in Darktable. I have to click all over the page to give a star rating to a photo and advance to the next one. In Lightroom I could use the number pad to give a star rating and the arrow keys to advance. Could this be added as a feature to Darktable, or is there a way to do this already that I don’t know about? It seems we could even one-up Lightroom and create a feature to auto advance to the next photo upon assigning the star rating via the num-pad.

You can use hotkeys for all that, see the manual:


See pkt 2. here. This works quite nicely:

This is excellent thank you for sharing. My issue was that I was trying to use the numpad rather than the row of number keys. Any ideas why the numpad itself doesn’t work for rating photos? Also I didn’t think of sorting by unstarred to create an auto-advance

Some number pads use the same key signal as the number row keys, while other number pads send a unique key sequence. If you want to use the number pad, just reassign the keyboard short cuts for the star rating :slight_smile:

@Devin_Rogers As I discovered and remarked in a couple of posts a year or two ago, the number row and the keypad can have different key codes (signals). Also, switching between them can mess up the preferences state. If I recall correctly, I had to close dt, delete the config / pref file and start again.

Devin get a copy of 2.7…has a culling mode in lightable…roll the mouse and hit a number…If you set it to say 3 images the left most one is the key …as you scroll with the mouse wheel it is replaced by the next image to the right…I usually set it to two images and roll through them that way…

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