Libre Arts - Revolutionizing garment-making in Italy with Valentina

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Really nice interview. I would have two more questions to Luca:

  1. How do you start a new garment? Is it all digital, on paper or on fabric and then transferred to digital?
  2. I know that Blender has a cloth simulation, have you ever looked into it? And do you think it could be useful for your business?

Thank you very much.

About your first question, before introducing Valentina we had already a cut system that worked with the draft of pattern on a roll paper by using cardboard standard patterns previously made by hand. Many, in garments industry, digitalize cardboard patterns but we didn’t want to do that because Valentina doesn’t allow that; and more important, because if you use a parametric CAD, you can truly benefit about its power by drafting a “native” project, one that you can manipulate as you want.

About your second question, my only experience with 3D was with Clo3D. I think that software is wonderful, but considering the time to become good at use 3D modeling, the multi-layer nature of tailored clothes that make harder to render on screen, and the price of final product that couldn’t be increased due to this kind of simulation, I convinced myself to put CLO aside. Maybe in the next life…

Great article/interview. Really fascinating, thank you both!

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Thank you Dan!