Libre Graphics Meeting 2019


Libre Graphics Meeting 2019

Let's participate!

It’s that time of year again: Libre Graphics Meeting 2019 is fast approaching!

This year the meeting will be May 29 to June 2 in Saarbrücken, Germany. This is extra exciting because Saarbrücken is centrally located enough that we should have a nice representation from projects and community members. Members of both RawTherapee and darktable live nearby and will be in attendance (along with others from those projects and many others).


I’m hoping to have a good representation this year, so first and foremost - please, please consider participating by giving a presentation, leading a workshop, or even a quick lightning talk! The Call for Participation page is here:

I will make myself available to help in any way I can. If you want a hand with the presentation, design, graphics or whatever please feel free to ping me (also - remember that we try to archive all of our presentations and material in our Github repo so you can grab any of the assets from there as well)! This is a great opportunity to spread the word about what we’re up to and the many, many awesome projects everyone has created, maintained, and contributed to for Free Software photography.

The deadline for submittal is coming up on January 15th!
If you think you’d like to present or host a workshop please submit as soon as possible.


I am particularly excited about this meeting because a) I don’t get to attend every year so this is the first time I’m able to make it in a few years, and b) this is a great opportunity to really get a bunch of community members to come together! Saarbrücken is on the high-speed rail network so it’s readily accessible from many places (now you have less excuses to not make it).

GIMP, darktable, and others all getting together in LGM/London!

I love hanging out with y’all. It’s great to nerd out about photography and catch up. Sometimes it really helps to be able to speak face-to-face and this is the perfect opportunity to also be exposed to all manner of other Free Software projects (or to expose ourselves to others?).

Besides, how else am I going to capture some fun photos of y’all?

![Nikolaikirche in Leipzig](upload://paRh69GoQSp8gXQuEFDtJJEa4Zg.jpeg)
Notice a tiny houz in the bottom right!

What’s Going On

We have a few things planned for sure at the meeting and you’re going to be really sad if you miss them by not coming!

  1. PIXLS.US BoF (Birds of a Feather)
    This is a special session set aside for a couple of hours for the entire community to get together and chat about what’s going on, what we’d like to do, and what’s coming up.
  2. Photowalk
    I’ve been doing photowalks every year that I’ve been because this is almost the ultimate way for me to spend time with folks (unless we can do a beer drinking photowalk all at the same time…).
  3. PIXLS.US Presentation/Update
    I’ll (We’ll? Anyone from the community is more than welcome to help me present on this) present on the community and what we’ve done so far and what we’d like to accomplish moving forward. This is our primary way of reporting out to the wider community who we are and what we’re doing.
  4. State of the LGM
    This is a couple of slides that are included at the beginning of the program giving an overview of the state of the entire libre graphics ecosystem.

I really, really, really want to be able to add to this list with other presentations (or lightning talks, etc) that the community will give! I may even submit a couple of presentations to talk not just about the community but maybe about our technical work coordinating the forum and providing services for the projects (as well as invite other related projects to come join us).

We can make this an incredible and memorable meeting with a fantastic opportunity to meet friends in person and have a wonderful time!

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Living in Saarbrücken since almost 49 years, you can count on me for a photowalk, also for a beer drinking photowalk :wink:

I’m pretty sure I want to go but not sure I have enough material for a full presentation. Lightning talk maybe?

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I might be able to attend. Also, always up for beer. Preferably more than one :smiley:

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Hey, living 1h from Saarbrücken and I am so so happy about this. You cant believe…
I am coming and carrying all photographers with me that I know :wink:

i’d like to come, ideally bringing a talk about 10 years darktable. submission deadline is really close though and nicely overlaps with a few others of my deadlines.

I am not sure yet. It looks interesting ideed, but in the end, it will probably come down to a choice between LGM and a few days landscape shooting in the Salzkammergut region.
The LGM might be a good chance to meet interesting people, but I am still quite new to this community and some members might not like the fact that I am a critical and very realistic person and a user (i.e. not a developer) who likes to point her finger at bugs.
As far as a talk is concerned, first, I am really not a good actress, and the only thing I could think of is a RawTherapee workflow presentation (of photos like this). Well, my last talk was my disputation a few years ago…


I’d like to come this year too.

@betazoid Every one is very welcome, especially critical and very realistic persons. And if you are not good at talks a workshop would be very welcome too.
@aurelienpierre I would really like to join a filmic workshop from you. :wink:
@wpferguson What about you? Are you interested in doing some Lua team hacking?

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It could happen that I’ll be there too. I’ll probably propose a talk about recent advances in G’MIC (Stylization, shape illumination and other stuffs).


Absolutely a lightning talk would be fantastic (I’m assuming about Filmulator and not the other stuff you’ve been hacking on?).

You might be asked to do a filmic workshop… :wink: Maybe at least a lightning talk on the work you’ve done to demonstrate it to the wider community?

Bring all the photographers!!!

I figured you could at least submit the bare minimum to reserve a slot? I’d love to see something about 10 years (!!!) of darktable. The submission form is pretty simple.

Surely a bunch of other Free Software photographers is worth the trip? :wink: Besides, I’ll be really surprised if there are no personality clashes somewhere. We’re a feisty bunch…

Oh man, this is beginning to sound awesome! I’ll buy the first round of milkshakes for us!

The submission form is very simple and should be quick to fill out. If you think you’d like to help raise awareness about any awesome work you’re doing or projects then please consider submitting something! :heart:

Finally I wouldn’t be able to attend this year, again. So much work planed here at the lab…
Sorry, I’ll try to prepare some slides on G’MIC anyway :slight_smile:

I have just submitted a proposal for a lightning talk about PhotoFlow… let’s see how it goes. Anyway, this year I’ll most likely try to come regardless of wether the presentation is accepted or not, as there will be a lot of interesting discussions with lots of people from here!


Is there a lineup yet - who sings when - so that we can plan our trip?

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Follow the breadcrumbs

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I’m in. I’ll arrive on Friday evening, give a sensual portrait workshop on Saturday (incl my use of dt and Gimp) , get drunk Saturday evening, drive home on Sunday.

I will be there on Thursday.