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Hi folks
A before and after in mostly DT 3.4. Not entirely sure, still looks a bit meh. Any pointers for a do over?

191208 galley head (37).CR2 (21.8 MB)
191208 galley head (37).CR2.xmp (37.8 KB)

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ART edit:

191208 galley head (37).CR2.arp (31.5 KB)

(have some halos, which I think could be avoided if spent more time)

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my suggestion DT v:3.6

191208 galley head (37).CR2.xmp (42.9 KB)


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@jimd dt 3.6 is out and about. Do give it a try. Make sure you backup before doing so in case there are compatibility issues with your previous sidecars and database.

ohhh quite like that, certainly brightened things up a bit. Any hints on modules used? Certainly less than my effort

Sure, though note that I edited it in ART (not in DT).

  • I used tone equalizer and dynamic range compression to brighten the ground and darken the sky
  • tweaked tone curve a bit for better contrast
  • added local contrast locally in several places - specifically on the ground in the middle (lighthouse and anything close to horizon) to increase clarity/contrast and decrease haziness, also separately on the sky to make clouds and light rays more pronounced. I intentionally avoided adding local contrast right on the edge between ground and sky to avoid creating too much halos, though still I created some unfortunately. A also avoided adding local contrast on the grass in front of the picture, because I find that it already had enough contrast
  • increased vibrance globally a lot, because adding local contrast adds the contrast but keeps saturation the same, which made picture look less saturated perceptionally. But I also decreased saturation of the grass in front of picture locally (remember I didn’t use local contrast on it, and so it became oversaturated and was taking too much attention on itself, and I wanted to put more attention on the lighthouse and horizon)
  • made it cooler a bit globally (for better green colors, subjectively for my taste), but kept the sky warmer (using local editing), otherwise sky looked too blueish. It is still too blueish on the right side as I see now, I would add another layer of “warming” on the right side of it maybe.

I think that’s all. Hm, a lot of text, but I think it took less time editing than writing about it :smiley:

Hi, thanks for that, appreciated. See if I can replicate this in DT3.6 and its new toys

My attempt


Thanks for sharing! I love lighthouses :+1:
Probably using too many tools here in RT …

191208 galley head (37)_RT-3.jpg.out.pp3 (14.9 KB)

191208 galley head (37)-5.jpg.out.pp3 (17,0 KB)


4A5A6083.CR2.xmp (17.9 KB)

191208 galley head (37)-1.tif.out.pp3 (19.8 KB)
RawTherapee-dev and Gimp

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Thanks for posting
darktable 3.6.0

191208 galley head (37)_02.CR2.xmp (22.3 KB)

Hi folks,
Thanks for all the inspiration - that ones been bugging me. Got something I like now (though it still took 80 operations - gotta work on that…)