Lightroom Plugin Support?

Does RT support Lightroom or Photoshop plugins? Specifically I want to use Topaz DeNoise and Negative Lab Pro. Don’t see anything on RawPedia.

Windows 10, RT 5.7

No, it does not. This is also the case for 5.8 and the upcoming 5.9 version.

BTW: 5.7 is really, really old. I would advise you to get a current version. Have a look here:

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Thank you. Is there an open source program that does support LR plugins?

To my knowledge there isn’t.

Pixls houses many, probably the majority, of the photography related FOSS software (Free Software Projects) and I’ve never read that any of them have LR plugins.

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Google “can gimp use photoshop plugins” and it seems to be possible.

@Jade_NL has already answered correctly: there is no plugin support. But then again, most people will agree that the out-of-the-box denoise algorithm of RT and its negative conversion (available in the current development version) are pretty damn good. So the question here might be: do you really need the plugins?

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Lightroom plugins is a lost cause I think . Those plugins go hand in hand with the Adobe ACR engine.

Photoshop could work (8bf files ) as there are other 3rd party tools (commercial) that do so. But even those commercial tools have a difficult time supporting everything , and there are often incompatibilities.

No FOSS will ever be able to utilise anything that comes out of Adobe, or any third party “plugin” that works with it. The prime reason, other than what’s been stated above, is the constant speed of development that goes on with both Lightroom and Photoshop.
Take the current situation as a shining example - users, especially those running Mac, have been forced by Adobe to switch operating systems from the bomb-proof Catalina to Big Sur or Monterey as a minimum - note it’s Adobe who forced the switch, not Apple.
The majority of serious Mac users around the world use unsupported systems (Apple reckons we should have scrapped these machines years ago) so we rely on things like Open Core to keep our machines going.
I’ve been offline for a week now trying to get this system updated and terabytes of info moved across from Catalina to an Open Core Legacy install of Big Sur, knowing full well that I’m going to have to switch a machine that will run the latest Ventura OS in the next 12 months or so - Ventura supports nothing older than 2017; but it’ll be Adobe who forces that change long before Apple do!

You’re lucky if a week goes by without at least one update for either Photoshop or Lightroom, on either PC or Mac, and frankly, FOSS devs couldn’t keep up!

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