Lighttable crashes

Running darktable 3.6.1 on a Manjaro Linux XFCE system, I’ve been getting constant crashes when scrolling through images in the lighttable view. Starting from the CLI, it leaves this message after crashing:

PANIC: unprotected error in call to Lua API (error in __gc metamethod (Destroying a widget which is still parented, this should never happen (check_button at 0x5637ecc43760)
Aborted (core dumped)

AFIK, I have no LUA scrits running.

Happens with or without openCL enabled.

Did you get a lua update recently from your package manager?

Hi Mica-

Last one is this:

[2021-04-24T10:41:39-0400] [ALPM] upgraded lua (5.4.2-1 → 5.4.3-1)

This bug has been happening for a long time, so could date back this far.

DT requires lua 5.3, perhaps you can try with that

Looks like 5.4 may be used in the upcoming 3.8 release, so I may wait. Thanks for the info.

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3.6.1 uses Lua 5.3. 3.8 will use Lua 5.4. There are some compatibility issues between 5.3 and 5.4, especially regarding tables.

When darktable starts, it runs a script to check if the lua scripts are installed. If they are not, and you haven’t disabled this, then it will offer to install them. You could try starting darktable from the command line with the -d lua argument to see if there is any more information.

Hi Bill-

Thanks for your suggestion. I ran the command line and got a long message. Here’s the backtrace, attached to this post. It’s not anything I understand. If you could suggest a corrective action, I’d appreciated it.
darktable_bt_MNQ6C1.txt (21.9 KB)

There are a bunch of files like this in the same directory.

When using darktable, the crash occurs while editing a collection of about 300 images in the lighttable. This usually involves a lot of switching back and forth between darkroom module and the lighttable. I also frequently export a file or two while I’m working.

After the crash, I sometimes have trouble launching darktable from my dock. I might have to click on the icon two or three times to get it to launch. I almost never open up in the same collection I was working in. Edits I’ve made do seem to be updated to my images.

This behavior happens whether openCL is enabled or not.

Thanks again for your thoughts.

It looks like the crash was in the AMD opencl driver. Maybe you can check for updated drivers.

The darktablerc file, which remembers which collecition you were working on, gets written when darktable exits. When darktable crashes, the darktablerc file doesn’t get updated. Image edits are written to the database as they happen, so only the last edit might be lost.

Hi Bill-

Looks like I have the most current version of opencl-amd from the arch repo. I do see an update for the mesa package coming in the next update, which I’ll be installing this week.

What is strange to me is that the crashes occur whether I have opencl activated or not in darktable. I tend not to have it on most of the time.

I’ve been testing a seperate install of dt in a VM, and will continue working with it for a while (I have a test image folder, so I don’t work with any of the files from my production collection). So far, not a single crash in an hour of working.

The only other program giving me problems is KdenLive, which crashes if I try to generate proxy clips.

I’ll be switching over to a laptop soon for the winter, and I suspect that will be a better experience stability wise.

Thanks for your input, we’ll see where this goes.