Line nova recursion / request

I have a request for gmic plugin. It is recursive line nova pattern.
In centre there is line nova pattern.

Now, recursive line nova would create dendrites at the every vertex end and repeat that to the some degree.

The angle of the dentrites is that there’s isn’t intersection.

line nova rec

I think this would give some approximation of this organic pattern


It’s one hell of a request to do. I can only give you pointers. Unless the code to do that is available, I don’t think anyone will attempt this until months or years later.

I think the code is similar to recursive binary tree generator at the line nova vertex end with some additional modification so that dendriets don’t intersect after some small angle of 3 degrees.

It doesn’t look like that to me. To me, it looks like varying strokes with many different splines. Splines that are 3-degrees or higher.

Think about it geometrically. Don’t look them as splines but as straight lines. After the recursion is made with straight lines, we could warp it to get smooth splines.

If you warp it, you lose details other than if one separate the lines in different planes. It has to be made as a spline otherwise.

Even in the example above, there are obvious breaks in the branches, though most of the transitions are quite good. The organic pattern reminds me of extreme closeups of the eye in movies and shows.

With some modifications, it could have Lovecraft vibes or the appearance of fur or other fibrous features.


@afre That looks easy to translate to g’mic. The time it would take however… Might be a TODO way later.

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