Line spacing in Natron Text node

I’m new to Natron… trying to move out of After Effects and use Natron for all my work.

Does Natron Text node support line spacing? In the properties panel of text node I found only letter spacing. Is it possible in some way? May be through pango markup?

Any pointers are appreciated. Thanks for the wonderful open source software :-).

I don’t think you can do line spacing in Pango Markup, but adding line spacing to the text node should be doable.

Thanks @rodlie

By ‘doable’, do you mean that it can be added as a feature to the Text node implementation in source code? If so, is this the right class to be looking at:

I have already added it, need to test it and update the SDK. Should be available in our next release.

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Oh wow! That’s great!
Thank you @rodlie :slight_smile: