Linux - How to use a different drive as siril-home


When trying to select a directory mounted under /media this possibility is not showing up when trying to select a home directory for siril (i want to use a seconds disk as ‘scratch’). I’m using Linux mint 21.1.

I uploaded the output of ‘df’ and the output of an ‘ls’ command

I also uploaded the ‘disks’ view.

Are there restriction in Siril when it comes to selection of locations that can be used as home directory? I’m using siril-1.2.0-beta2

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If you’re running Siril from a flatpak, you need to give it some more permissions; for that you can use Flatseal Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux



If I correctly remember it was installed as a flatpak. I will check your suggestion.


edit: tried your suggestion and now I’m able to do what I intended to do. Thanks!

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I think you have the PPA for linux Mint, you should use that instead: