Little Backup Book released

Up until now, the Linux Photography book served as more or less official documentation for the Little Backup Box project. The original idea was to cover the most important aspects of installing and using Little Backup Box. Gradually, though, Little Backup Box has evolved from a couple of hacky shell scripts into a rather capable mobile backup software. And as such, it deserves its own proper documentation. So I’ve spent my Christmas break revising the existing content, adding new material, and putting everything together. The result of my endeavors is a neat little book called Little Backup Book.

The book is not free, as I’d like the Little Backup Box project to be self-funding. So all proceedings from the book sales will go into acquiring the necessary hardware and materials, 3D printing, etc. So by buying the book, you’ll not only get the latest documentation for Little Backup Box, but also support its future development.

Get the Little Backup Book on Google Play Store or Gumroad.