Little Backup Box February 2020 update

Travel and work left me with very little time to tinker with Little Backup Box. But I did manage to implement a couple of small yet note-worthy changes.

  • I integrated Featherlight into the file viewer, so photos now open in a lightbox.
  • Remote mode is now enabled by default, so you can access and use the web UI no matter what backup mode Little Backup Box is in. This makes the entire setup more flexible. You can still perform automated backup in the mode you chose during installation. But if necessary, you can switch to a different mode on-the-fly using the web UI.
  • Rummaging through a box full of cables, batteries, and hardware items, I unearthed an older NanoPi M1 single-board computer. Out of curiosity, I decided to install the DietPi system on it and then deploy Little Backup Box on top of it. It went surprisingly well, so now I can confidently say Little Backup Box works with DietPi. You do need to run the installer with an additional parameter for this work. The Little Backup Book explains how to do this.

I’m planning on trying it on a BananaPi ZeroM2 to see what that’s like - will report back.

That would be really great. Thank you!

this seems to be a good fit for this project. ya ?

Its cool, but its a kickstarter type of thing and isn’t available yet, so far as I can tell.