Little Backup Box

I have a FinePix6900 ZOOM, which I’ve modified for full-spectrum (IR) photos. The batteries (I used to use 2) are dead, they don’t hold a charge, and are costly to replace. I have wired a 10000 mAhr power pack into the camera’s socket enabling me to use the camera. I still have a problem with file storage though, I shoot 6M HI, 7 files on a 128MB card (1) or 3 on a 64MB card (2). I would shoot 13 photos before needing to download the files to a bulk storage device. So I am looking into sourcing a storage device to wire into the camera’s output USB port. Can I use The Little Backup Box with my setup?

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The answer is yes if you need a device that transfers images from the card. The answer is no if you’re looking for a storage device that can replaces the cards.

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