little Mushroom

free to play :smile:

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My try,
Nice shot, thanks for sharing

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Thanks for sharing!


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Nice photo!


dt 3.4

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Nice alternative crop!

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Inspired by G'MIC fun with afre

…but used freaky details and dream smoothing.


Nice picture. Looks like some animal was munching on the top of the mushroom.
Processed in ART 1.7. Adjusted white balance, added detail in the focus range, added blur to the out of focus range. Added some local contrast and saturation and shifted the greens a bit more yellow. I included the processing profile but it’s not needed because the processing profile is embedded in the jpeg. You can open the raw file in ART and select this jpeg file as the processing profile to import.DSCF9131ar DSCF9131.RAF.arp (13.8 KB)

@sls141 Another way you could go about it is only apply the effect on the mushroom (or background).

@Suki2019, thank you for the play. I had some fun with GIMP and G’MIC:

dt 3.4.1

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Thanks for sharing,
DT 3.4.1

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Nice image to exercise the Fuji-ness of rawproc… :smiley:

Markesteijn demosaic, a full 6x6 black subtract (all the same value, 1022), libraw-supplied color primaries, a rather tame filmic curve, crop to taste, and a bit of nlmeans denoise. In rawproc:

No extra color saturation; the matrix primaries worked quite nicely.

Edit: Oh almost forgot, camera white balance numbers rendered a bit blue, so I dialed down blue and dialed up red to get almost neutral in the carveout in the 'shroom’s head.

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yes, the white balance of my xe-2 tends very strongly into a blue/magenta cast