Load Profile for new camera in 4.2.1?

(brian) #1

Using OSX 10.8 and RT 4.2.1, best I could tell this was the latest I could use.

I have raw files from a Sony a7III and Panasonic GH5 that I am trying to process. I can get them close with fiddling around but they are still flat.

Are there prebuilt profiles that I can load? Should I be looking for ICC profiles?

I’ve looked all over and haven’t found what I need.

Freaking out a little, lol, at this point I would be happy with extracting the embeded JPG … which I am assuming is what I see in the File Browser before the initial processing happens.


(Roel) #2

Would you be able to share a raw file to investigate? And do I understand you wish to make the raw file match the jpeg as closely as possible?