Loading arriraw?

I have been trying to load arriraw stills into Rawtherapee It should be supported however It looks like Rawtherapee doesn’t see the .ari files.

Any Ideas?

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Thanks Morgan, It was easier than expected however I still get same issue that I get with rawdigger(both using libraw )

Hmm… Improper assumption of the Bayer layout (e.g. BGGR vs. RGGB, etc.)?

Might want to file an issue on github, including an example RAW file.

This is fantastic that people are trying to load and get support for Arriraw. I don’t have the money for an Arri, and I doubt many do, but I see great potential for Rawtherapee as a processing step in raw video workflows. The few videos I have made through a Rawtherapee developed workflow look just expletively wondrous. I already found the raw interpretation result of OG BMPCC footage much better from Rawtherapee, than the Davinci Resolve raw engine, which is mind blowing since Blackmagic makes both and should theoretically have an intimate view of the color science and sensor behavior of their cameras.

Unfortunately, no github issue was filed and no example file was provided, so we’re left guessing as to what went wrong here.

For BMPCC footage - I guess someone used RT to batch convert each frame to an image and then encoded that with ffmpeg?

Hi guys sorry for didnt answer earlier but I have been really busy I will try to provide the stills as soon as possible.

Yes I know big post houses develop their own raw processing and matrices to get a much better starting point and some colors that are not avaiable throught normal color grading.

I was referring to my own work, in which I batch converted in Rawtherapee, and transcoded the tiffs to an editable DNxHD format, cut and finalized color grading work in Resolve. I did a raw engine comparison, and found the Rawtherapee image to have noticeably better starting colors and demosaicing than Resolve, making up for the more complicated workflow.

I’d be very appreciative if you were to get the files, it’d mean a lot to the community. Getting Arriraw support would signal that we’re in the big league.

No problem i can provide lots of them if needed also red ones(I will try to find time this weekend) Main issue is that commonly arri files come into an mxf so you need to unpack them with arri app and maybe there s is a problem there. Also happens with r3d files that have a special file system.

Please contribute some Arriraw sample to https://raw.pixls.us/

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Yup, thanks for the reminder on that one!

Hi Guys, at last I uploaded and arriraw LogC sample, sorry for the delay. This arriraw comes from a mxf container(almost all new arri camera work like this), so I had to use arriraw converter to unpack it.

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