Loading Raw images via Darktable, Ubuntu


I use DT for my Raws and I have V4.6 loaded. I just installed GIMP from Ubuntu sources and when I Open a Raw, GIMP complains there is no Raw loader installed.
How do I link them?

There was a very extensive thread on this very topic must a few weeks ago. You can probably scroll the GIMP forum thread to find it fairly quickly.

Thanks for the reply.
There is a 6 months old thread about Flatpack DT installation, as Flatpack has unique executables. Both my GIMP and DT are installed via apt, so the executables are normal ($GIMP and $darktable).

I see the DT call in the pluginrc file, but the file-darktable is binary, so I can’t see what is required.

That was SOOO weird – to KNOW that one participated in a thread to be able to find nothing about it. The thread subject does not provide a clue about its contents:

The subject is: Contacting the GIMP Webmasters

A gentleman who’d had considerable issues getting any raw converter to operate from within GIMP posted with that subject to PX. He got a fair number of replies and hopefully there may be something in one of them that can help you.

It seems to be … unknowable … for why GIMP and installed raw converters do or do not ‘see’ each other. I use MX Linux v23 and my installs of GIMP and DarkTable and RawTherapee are form the MX Linux repos and GIMP simply ‘sees’ Darktable. The OP of that thread, with a bit of installing himself, finally got a configuration with the same three apps, but his GIMP opens RawTherapee and not DarkTable. Go figure.

Hope you can find resoluition.


I may well be mistaken here, but I believe darktable currentlydoes have something that broke the link from Gimp… Which part of dt is that makes up the ;plug-in; for gimp? - #6 by Jens-Hanno_Schwalm

ahhh, DT broke the link I see. Will run the programs separately and wait.

Thanks for the responses.


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Here: Contacting the GIMP Webmasters