Local Adjustments Dehaze behavior

Local Adjustments dehaze seems to produce different results depending on the size of the local area. Is this expected behavior or should I file a bug report?

Using the raw file from Alpenglow panorama with climbers I was trying to dehaze the foreground and noticed that the color cast on the mountain around the center guy changed its color cast depending on the size of the local area chosen. In the 1st one, there is a much more pronounced red highlight.
201129_165903.orf dahze 1.pp3 (16.1 KB)
201129_165903.orf dahze 2.pp3 (16.1 KB)

I do believe this is works as designed.

You selected 2 different areas and even though the target spot is pointed to the same place, that what is selected by the rectangle is different and thus the end-result will also be different. If you turn on the preview in both cases you’ll see it more clearly.

You do need to use the scope slider and Shape detection tools to set the exact area you want to target. Everything within the rectangle (or ellipse) is, more or less, targeted by default.

Selecting and fine-tuning that selection is the most powerful and also hardest part of using this module (my 2c), but worth it in the end.

BTW: If you want/need even more control you can use the mask options to do so.


Not sure if you are aware, but Andy Astbury made 2 very nice introductory videos about the local adjustment tool:

Raw Therapee Basics: The New Local Adjustments - pt1
Raw Therapee Local Adjustments - pt2

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