Local adjustments lost, in one case at least, in development version

I loose Local Adjustments done to raw files when I execute batch edit | Color Management | Output Profile = RTv4_sRGB (from RTv4_Large), for a certain combination of files and local changes.

I am on 5.8-3095-g68ec1a5bb, built from source. Linux Debian. I do not think this is related to any recent commits, but I have not tested older code yet.

I can reproduce the error locally with 100% certainty, but it is not a minimal reproducible example, so not yet suitable for an issue report.

I have redone all local edits, so they are in place for my set of raw files. 10 Canon CR2 RAW, 1-8 local edits per file (color & light and sharpening local adjustment spots). Macro photo. Single frames. Output profile = RTv4_Large.

Steps to reproduce:
1: Select all files in file browser window (10 Canon CR2 RAW, 1-8 local edits per file)
2: Batch edit | Color management | Output profile = RTv4_sRGB
3: Output profile = RTv4_sRGB, but all local edits lost. If I select a frame and check Local tab | Local adjustments, then local adjustments is still active (power on icon = selected) but all local spots are gone in the list.

If I changed Color Tab | output profile = RTv4_sRGB in the editor and pushed to Queue then it worked and I got the output files (tiff and jpg).

I can repeat the error insofar that I can do a ‘copy to’ file operation on all 10 files and create a new subfolder with raw files and do 1-2-3 above => Local edits gone again.

If I try a smaller example (for an issue report minimum example) then it works! I do not yet know what it is in my complex mix of files and edits which triggers this.

Has anyone encountered a similar error where suddenly local adjustments are gone after executing some RT operation on the files?

Yes I have. It was improved a while ago but under some scenarios local edits are still lost during batch edit. I’ve not managed to pin it down .

Not the same thing but I’ve also encountert some problems with Local Adjustments when loading partial profiles. E.g. all Local Adjustments are lost if you open a partial profile that only contains RGB curves. There’s already something on Github about this so maybe your case can be added there (if those two are somehow connected)?

It’s also not possible to load a single LA-spot without losing all the others which is a pity.

@nosle ok, good to know I am not alone. It seems to be hard to find the root cause.

@Alpacalypse aha, do you mean this report Local adjustments lost when applying partial profile · Issue #6150 · Beep6581/RawTherapee · GitHub?

Yes, that’s the one.

This one bit me badly now. Photographed an important event and used local edits to dodge/burn. Say 100 local edits or so in total. I then needed to resize the files and make white balance more coherent across hundreds of files. Ouch

Resize I could handle in bash but white balance was tricky because I needed to group files across cameras and make a visual selection.

Only work around I could find was selecting one image at a time in file view and typing coherent values for each file in the batch panel. Batch across multiple images would wipe spots, same with applying any profile.

This is a really nasty bug and only reason I didn’t loose hours worth of edits is because I knew about the bug. Work around was time-consuming as well.

I’m not sure recommending dev builds to new users is a good idea. This could cause real pain.

Currently “Local adjustments” cannot work in batch mode.
Look in “batch edit”, no icon for “LA”.

I know this is a limitation, there are probably also other remaining problems with “partial paste”.

All this is mainly a GUI problem which is not my field at all (plus I have big health problems…). Perhaps for 6.0 ?
Maybe Pierre @Pandagrapher can provide some additional clarification


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Not being able control LA in batch mode is a completely fine limitation in my view.

The bugs discussed here are about LA being destroyed by changes to other modules when the batch or partial paste functions are being used. The problem is as you mention likely to be with the gui or profile handling code. Nevertheless it’s a very serious bug. Always losing all LA work whenever any of the batch or profile handling tools are used on a file with LA spots is very serious. Imho batch and profile handling are critical to RT functionality, you need those tools to do some very basic tasks. They are the RT way of adjusting output settings for instance. The lack of export profiles mean you have to use the batch or profile management tools to change output file size, colour profile etc. something anyone publishing in multiple media has to do for all files. The problem is even bigger because you can’t tell from the File Browser which files have LA spots so you can’t even omit them from selections.

I’m sorry to hear about your health issues, I’m a huge fan of your LA work. Don’t feel you have to sort out things beyond your scope. I’m posting this info about the bug so that someone with the time, skill and energy might pick it up. I strongly advise against releasing without squashing this bug. It’s very serious.