Local Darkening

This is a corner of an image (at 200%). The bright spots are distracting and need to be reduced in intensity … I really hate to have to delete them all one by one.
I have tried using the lightness mask with exposure along with differing blend modes. Is there a better way?

Tone equalizer?

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Drawn + parametric should be able to take care of it really easily.

Having the actual image or one like it might be more useful…the screen shot is a bit of a smear so to me its hard to fully appreciate what you have and how you got there before you fix it… is this a zoom of your processing or the raw unedited image??

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Hi David, I feel your problem could easily be handled with a mix of drawn and parametric masks. Also I would likely use the color zonees module to desaturate and or darken those ‘distracting’ coloured parts of the image that are drawing the viewers eye. This is a technique I use often when something colourful in the background distracts from the subject.

The ask is to darken and I still find it hard from the zoomed example to really gauge the issue but if filmic was used I wonder if even some more white relative and some manipulation of the highlight reconstruction so that you could bloom it a bit to tone it down…yet overall the image seems really dark… otherwise the tone eq and a drawn mask will likely easily pull back those extreme highlights hot spots in those areas…

Yes, this was a dark corner of the image, so the light pieces were really a distraction. In the basic exposure the corner already needed ‘lifting’ substantially.
I did finally get the masking to work but needed the multiplier to get enough of a result.
The real problem that I found was the ‘sensitivity’ of the sliders … just not what I was expecting!
Terry … your idea of using the color-zones was great … should have thought of that one.
Thanks all

Glad you got a solution…the famous details threshold should have also helped to isolate those areas. Also if its one channel that is blown or high you can see this in the waveform and target the brightness of that as well…just a couple of other strategies…