local editing in RT

I am just starting to understand everything. I think what you said this is the point since I was trying on autmn pictures. I was hoping to achive similar results as the camera does for my starting point. But it seems to be not that easy by using profiles. So I will need to get used to start from this profile, which is already much better than darktable initial results.

Actually I like initial results of raw therapee because of matching the thumbnail very well, however I miss masking features there.

@kokoloris Both RT and Art have pretty good masking now…maybe its still the dev version of RT but it should be out officially soon as 5.9 if not they have 4 types of masks now and many local edit tools…

Andy has a nice series of RT videos and a few on the masks… https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu0xxsMt9OSNLtAFkS0anGw and Local Adjustments - RawPedia

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Thank you! His videos are really useful. I guess RT is going to be my tool!

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Ya though I still use DT as well. RT has such crazy expansive menus it can get a bit much moving up and down …ART is more compact for sure DT is powerful if you know the tools and understand without input it really does start from a “RAW” image…Boris does amazing edits with it… this is with the current DT… about to be 3.4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QMsf4z8A58M