Local Lab build


Windows 64 build


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(Desmis) #322

Merci André, tu es comme Lucky Luke, plus rapide que ton ombre :slight_smile:



J’ai tout automatisé et il n’y a plus d’opération manuelle, y compris pour la génération de l’installeur et l’upload. C’est donc tres facile.

(Desmis) #324

Ah …c’est un peu décevant, je te voyais sur “Joly Jumper” avec tes “Colts 45” :slight_smile:

(Cyril LAPORTE) #325

AHAHA, cool :slight_smile:

Yesterdazy night, it was impossible to download files from the Gdrive. Now it works at work for me.
I’ll try tonight again.
Keep up the good work !

(Morgan Hardwood) #326

Status update, the way I see it (i.e. this may be wrong):

@heckflosse, @agriggio and @floessie have been busy cleaning up the RawTherapee engine codebase, removing as many warnings as possible, to pave the way for Stage 2.

Stage 2 is a refactoring of the RawTherapee engine. Currently an image flows through several parallel pipelines - one for the thumbnails, one for the preview, one for the saved image, and one just in case. This has been a problem for years, and the mission now is to consolidate them into one smart, easier-to-manage pipeline. SmartLine, if you will.

Either as part of Stage 2, or directly following it as Stage 3, @jdc’s Local Lab tool will undergo surgery, and an organ transplant will plug it into the new pipeline which will also allow, with @Hombre’s help, to implement a better user interface, hopefully with on-canvas editing.

RawTherapee + LocalLab version RT ==> RawTherapee! (?)
(Alberto) #327

and, as an extra bonus, we have a new tool in the works that gives the AMAZING results people have been asking about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Desmis) #328

Doctor (Slony), does it hurt to transplant an organ, because I’m not very young anymore :slight_smile:

But I’m curious to see how we are going to work together to improve the RT pipeline. Everyone’s cooperation will be indispensable.

Thank you, Alberto, for this comment :slight_smile:

(Morgan Hardwood) #329

Not using today’s medicine :wink:

Yes, and it’s great that we’re about to have automated AppImage, Windows and maybe macOS builds, thanks to @Carmelo_DrRaw , they will be a big help in testing!


OK I’ll bite, what tool are you talking about?

(Alberto) #331

hmm, some form of local editing in the official RT?


Excellent, I am currently using the local LAB builds exclusively.

(Alberto) #333

just to stress an important point: as @Morgan_Hardwood already wrote, this won’t happen overnight though… rome wasn’t built in a day and all that :wink:


AMAZING work by AMAZING people. Can’t wait for Stage 2 of RawTherapee SPQR edition! (Couldn’t resist making these references :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:).

(Ingo Weyrich) #335

tldr :wink:

(Sebastien Guyader) #336

Just to let you know, I updated the english translation with the new excluding RT-spots: http://rawpedia.rawtherapee.com/Local_Lab_controls/

(Desmis) #337

Thank you for the translation. Which will help understanding and good use

phew, I am reassured, I always have stress before going on the operating table at the hospital

Rome wasn’t built in a day and all that, but it’s a wonderfull town, probably the capital of Europe that I prefer

(Flössie) #338

I have a cleanup of procparams.cc in the queue, should be ready by next week. Not so important, though, and I should be able to rebase it anytime.

(dngimage) #339

@gaaned92 and @jdc !

Testing new Local Lab:




and it is running fine here! :sunglasses:

[Feature request] Improved graduated filter

I just read a little of the translation (thanks @sguyader :pray:) and this sentence made me think:

…each RT-spot can be viewed as an object with a number of fields (about 70 as of today), made of sliders, curves, control points, etc…;

So are we going in a direction where in the end everything except globally working tools like cropping, distortion correction…would be part of the RT-spots??
Just thinking out loud.