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@HIRAM @gaaned92

Thank you :slight_smile:

But, sorry, in my “optimization”, I have forgoten to take into account the slider “Chroma detail (DCT)” (it was good in previous version not optimized)

I just push a new build “2c5e992”

Thank you


(Sebastien Guyader) #382

@jdc Jacques, there’s a possible bug in the latest build (just compiled from commit 2c5e992…). When I set several RTspots, the on/off state of the modules is not reset when switching between spots.
For example, if I turn “Color and light” on for RTspot #1, when I create a new RTspot #2 it shows “Color and light” already “on”. Of course the sliders are at their default values, but it’s confusing when you have several spots with different modules activated.

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Cela a toujours été comme cela (du moins depuis que j’ai installé cette option) : l’activation “on / off” de chaque module “color and light”, “retinex”, “denoise”, etc. est globale pour tous les RT-spots…et j’ai du l’écrire quelque part :slight_smile:

Bien sûr il est possible de changer cela, mais cela va complexifier le système


Je viens de trouver où c’est écrit ==> dans Rawpedia

"J’ai ajouté, pour faciliter l’utilisation et éviter les menus trop longs en mode écran, une interface GUI similaire à celle de Wavelet, avec des “expanders”. Vous avez ainsi la possibilité pour chaque famille d’action (color and light, Blur, Retinex, etc.):

_faire apparaître ou non le détail des commandes : curseurs, méthodes, courbes,.._

_ activer ou non l’ensemble des fonctions de la famille d’action._

Attention, le choix - 2 - active ou annule l’ensemble des RT-spot ( spot de contrôle); il est théoriquement possible d’associer cette possibilité à chaque RT-spot, mais quel intérêt ? "

(Sebastien Guyader) #384

I didn’t realize that.
Anyways, I was using the Local Lab on very big files (stitched panorama in 16-bit TIFF, 22131x3611 pixels!) and I had to use RTspots one by one, saving the result at each step, because it needed too much memory and crashed too often (particularly in “Denoise”). So I did get confused as I never had too many RTspots at the same time.

(Desmis) #385

I will look but it will be probably difficult with some incompatibilities
due to management of expanders.

(Sebastien Guyader) #386

Don’t worry Jacques. Leave it as it is.

(Desmis) #387


I will look tomorrow, I think it will be possible to enabled/disabled each “part” for each Rt-spot, but I think we will loose the posoobilities of expanders “memory open or close - expand or not, etc” that are stored in “option” and then not updatable in real time.

Rq : now the system works very bad (expanders) and I don’t know why (this as not due to locallab, it is a general problem with expanders).


(Desmis) #388


Now it works "enabled / disabled " for each section and each RT-spot :slight_smile:

(Sebastien Guyader) #389

Thanks Jacques! I will try later!



uploaded at

(Desmis) #391

I just push a new update for newlocallab 42d0f55

It will probably be the last of 2017 …
I will be away from my home from Saturday 23 December until 3 January 2018. Meanwhile Internet connections will be problematic

This update is important because it significantly improves the shape detection algorithm by reducing artifacts - often due to the presence of a little chrominance noise that is often almost invisible

By default, “quality method” is set to “enhanced” instead of “enhanced + chroma denoise”. This without quality reduction will reduce processing times (except for Denoise).
In difficult cases you can choose “enhance + chroma denoise”, or activate the noise reduction in “denoise” (chroma)

I recommend cleaning the cache (pp3 and mip), to have an update of the default settings.

I update Rawpedia (in french)


edit: RawTherapee_newlocallab_5.3-552-gc1ab9788_WinVista_64.zip

uploaded at

Merry Christmas Jacques

(Desmis) #393

Merci André

Bon Noël


(Desmis) #394

I just push a change 17999b7, with numerous improvment to “local denoise”.
Now (for me) local denoise is good…

But my computer is in bad health… very very bad, probably I will change it…next year :slight_smile:

Happy new year




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I am kind of a lurker on this thread, but I silently do try local lab again and again. At this point I wanted to say a big thank you to @jdc for all the work and to @gaaned92 for the builds and to @sguyader for all the checking and feedback and to all the others i might have missed. :+1:

In a later version of local lab I would also find it useful to have a rectangular point additionally to the elllipitical we have right now, and also a gradient.

(Desmis) #397


With the last commit 63073b4, you can choose between an eliptical area, and a rectangle area for “normal” mode.




uploaded at

(Sebastien Guyader) #399

Nice addition Jacques.

(Desmis) #400

In theory, if the GUI allowed to draw a Bézier curve (I do not know how to do with GUI), between each of the 4 delimiters, it would be relatively easy to add a method in addition: “elipse”, “rectangle”, “free”.

With “free” one would have almost the equivalent of a clipping / cutting with the mouse (I do not know if it is the good term) that some people claim (not quite because it is essential to keep a curve homothetically possible).