Loch Ard Boat Shed

Probably a place which has been photographed many, many a time.

The Boat Shed at Loch Ard, Scotland.

Here is my take on it, photo taken on Sunday 26th of September 2022, while out with my Photographic Association.

IMG_0510.CR2.xmp (15.2 KB)

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Isn’t Scotland wonderful for views like this?

Could you possibly post the RAW file as well please. Otherwise, we have nothing to play with.


lol, of course, I was rushing to post this up before heading to work… I’ll add the raw image now.

eos5d2_Sunlight_D50_WB.icc (58.2 KB)
IMG_0510.CR2.xmp (11.4 KB)

My edit in DT 4.0 with the profile that i used

The bridge could stand out better… :slightly_smiling_face:


My try with dt 4

IMG_0510.CR2.xmp (7.1 KB)

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My version…

IMG_0510_01.CR2.xmp (21.6 KB)


I really like the original B&W version post here. Very nice shot. I thought I would try something different and cropped to the shot to make the the boat shed more prominent. I also darken the foreground and brighten the boat shed to draw the viewer’s eye to the boat shed. Looking at the exposure times it must have been fairly dark when this shot was taken.

IMG_0510.CR2.xmp (6.7 KB)


Thanks for posting
darktable 4.0.1

IMG_0510_04.CR2.xmp (15.7 KB)

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I did have a lee Mini Stopper on the lens, as well as a medium grad filter :slight_smile: Nice edit.

I spent a very pleasant 45min or so tinkering with this image… except that my computer suddenly did a hard reset all by itself halfway through… and I’ve have (had!) DT4.1 set to not save .xmp files. I had to start all over again :open_mouth:
More autumnal!

IMG_0510.CR2.xmp (41.4 KB)


RAW converted with Filmulator, then I played in GIMP. Darkened the jetty and sky reflection in the water. Increase of tree reflections, slightly more emphasis on the boathouse and it’s reflection and a lightening of the trees in the background. All great fun to play with.

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Thank you for the play.

Edit with GIMP and G’MIC:


IMG_0510.CR2.xmp (19.1 KB)

IMG_0510_01.CR2.xmp (19.2 KB)


So lovely and such a fine rendering. I’m always tempted to work on images to create monochrome B&W… but you’ve nailed it. I’ll simply admire your craft!

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Another version…
I think I’ve gone a little crazy :crazy_face:

IMG_0510_03.CR2.xmp (34.6 KB)


Seeing your name pop up in my pixls.us email, I was looking forward to contributing my edit. I confess, it does not warrant improvement. Gilding the Lilly springs to mind. Lovely

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Here my try

Darktable 4.0.1

lago.CR2.xmp (35,8 KB)

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My version using dt 4.0.1

IMG_0510.CR2.xmp (18.8 KB)

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Another attempt, this time using Color Balance RGB. dt 4.0.1

IMG_0510_01.CR2.xmp (7.2 KB)