Lockable Color Picker in RT

I checked out the new RawTherapee website and this screenshot caught my attention:

A couple of my frequent frustrations with the lockable color picker has been that it only displays the color sample in RGB (I often want to see HSV), and that the size of the sample is fixed (to one pixel? I don’t know).

Looking at that screen shot, it shows the samples in a variety of color models, and it looks like differently sized sample points! My prayers are answered! Maybe.

Problem is I could not find anything about how to change these options, or even a mention of the lockable color picker in Rawpedia.

Can anyone tell me how to use this tool, or a link to the Rawpedia article?

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@Stampede happy you noticed that.

Documenting the lockable color picker is on our TODO list. You can find makeshift docs here: https://github.com/Beep6581/RawTherapee/issues/3643#issuecomment-447575242

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Shift click on the colour picker preview to switch between RGB, Lab and HSV.
Ctrl-mousewheel to change the size


Wow, @Stampede had eagle eyes!