login with GitHub/google/twitter no longer working

So I’m really puzzled: some weeks ago, this started on my Windows 10 PC, since the end of last week it also arrived on my Android phone: when I try to login with GitHub on discuss.pixls.us, after clicking the GitHub button on the login form, I get an error message saying:

Sorry, there was an error authorizing your account. Please try again.

Same on Windows 10 in Firefox, Edge, Chrome or on Android using Firefox. Each latest versions of the browser. Does anyone have the same problem and an idea of how to solve this issue? Any help is really appreciated.


Confirm. Does not work here either.
Instead, I enter pixls.us via https://discuss.pixls.us/

Who might know anything more about this?
@paperdigits? @patdavid?

Addendum: login via google and twitter are off as well.

Claes in Lund, Schweden



This should be fixed.


Thanks @patdavid and @darix, everything works fine again (GitHub) :sunglasses: have a nice day. Cheers Lars.

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Because @darix is A BOSS!