Long time no see, GIMP and Filter/Adjustment layers anytime?


I wasn’t here for quite some time. Seeing that GIMP developers finally addressed one small, but with tremendous impact, feature, I’ve got more curious about GIMP again. So finally there is on canvas brush sizing! That is wonderful! Strangely enough, I never thought something like that could be so valuable for workflow, but after living with Krita, the lack of this function in GIMP was driving me nuts… Naturally, this leads me to wonder if GIMP developers are maybe in light to finally do something about one other major thing, that was being requested and begged for for like a decade or so. Adjustment or as in Krita, Filter layers? Are there any chances for this to happen? It is the only other feature severely missing in GIMP to bring it to the stars.
Any information about the state of this possibility would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
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You should check the gimp roadmap. Its there.

https://developer.gimp.org/wiki/Roadmap this one?

It is clear that non-destructive editing is in plan, this may not be with adjustment layers like in Photoshop.


On the roadmap for 3.2

Well, there were two reasons why I stopped to use GIMP and went with Krita for my photo editing needs, one was on canvas brush sizing. extremely convenient thing. Unbelievable, but major convenience. And Krita has Filter layers, that are pretty much alternative to Adjustment layers in Photoshop, but with Kirta’s twist. Seeing GIMP getting some things that are again making it catch the eye, hopes were awakened in my mind. It would be unfair to expect exact behavior of other software, but functionality in it self is so severely missing in GIMP and it is so strange this is not a priority feature. This alone would shake the grounds in Photo editing and image creation and could attract more funding for the wonderful development team of GIMP.

Yes and the continuing shallow discussion around it is really old and exhausting. They know, we know, you know.