Looking ahead: what add-ons work for 2.10

GIMP 2.10 will be here before we know it, and currently https://registry.gimp.org is in read-only mode and is a bit of a mess. My understanding is that it’ll be retired once a suitable replacement is found.

Currently there are a ton of filters and scripts on the registry, but we don’t really know which ones work and which ones don’t.

But wouldn’t it be nice if we knew for many of them which worked and which didn’t for 2.10?

What I would propose is:

  1. Get all files from the registry into a git repo.
  2. Put all scripts and filters in a folder called untested.
  3. As things are tested,
  • do a git mv untested/myscript.scm working/myscript.scm and optionally put a comment in the file of something like “working as of version 2.9.8” if the script is working
  • do a git mv untested/myscript.scm not_working/myscript.scm if the script is not working

I’d be happy to hear any other ideas.


I agree that something needs to be done so that people can find something that works for them. This mess is what motivated me to start using and learning about G’MIC.

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I was thinking in web scraping the registry to download every plugin but it’s a mess. I mean, plugin pages doesn’t follow a clear pattern some of them should be downloaded from external websites, others are attachments, other are simple links, some are scm, other are zip…)

I was using the last valid snapshot from web archive to get a list of the plugins(pages tagged with “plugin”).

Other option that could work it’s to extract the div which belongs to the content give it an style to view it an test one by one(by hand of course :disappointed:).

In other words is to make a new index page with links to every plugin and review one by one and moving them to other directories as you said.

Before doing anything, do you think it’s worth it?

Sounds like a tremendous effort. Would it not be more useful to sort the scripts by popularity and only to test and upload those whose purpose is not already covered by G’MIC?


There are a lot of files, yes. If everyone just verifies what they use, I hope the effort won’t be so large for any one person.

Even better, I’d be interested by useful features that are not already in G’MIC and that could be added if possible :slight_smile:

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Make sense what you said :slight_smile:

A list of popular content could be extracted from here: Popular content | GIMP Plugin Registry