looking for a step-by-step-guide for RawTherapee (like 7-point-system for Lightroom from Scott Kelby)

Hi guys,
I’m a beginner and once bought the e-book from Scott Kelby (https://www.amazon.com/Scott-Kelbys-Lightroom-7-Point-System-ebook/dp/B093WB8PYV/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8).
I find it really great, but now I discovered RawTherapee and I’m really impressed (and overvelmed)… :upside_down_face:
Really like the idea of open source and my favorite operating system is Linux!
Do you know some easy tutorials like the one from Scott? Or is there a way to know what sliders/buttons equals the ones from Adobe Lightroom?

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Hi @Hyper_Ornstein, and welcome!

Brusquely put: no.
Forget lightroom and start to think in other ways.
Search youtube for RawTerapee
and you will find a trillion tutorials, for
instance https://www.youtube.com/c/AndyAstbury/videos
or Intro to Rawtherapee - YouTube
or … … …

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

Hi and welcome! Maybe you could give an overview of the 7 points and that’d help us get you moving in the right direction.

@Claes thanks, I’ve already seen some videos, but didn’t look that beginner friendly like the book. I really like the checklist-style so I don’t forget anything… :wink:

@paperdigits Thank you! Ok, I’ll try to give an overview with Adobe-specifics in brackets (have to translate from German… :sweat_smile:):
1.) add a RAW-Profile (like Adobe landscape, color, sharp…)
2.) color-correction
3.) extend the tonal range (hold shift and double-click white and then black; if necessary use the exposure-slider)
4.) correct sensor-issues (depth-slider to the right to get hidden details; lights-slider to the left if lights are cut)
5.) painting with light and retouching (use the mask/brush tool to only change a few parts of the picture)
6.) lens corrections (and transformation with “Upright”)
7.) detail work (add a small Vignette of -11; sharpen a little bit or use the structure- and clarity-sliders; use the dynamic-slider if you want more colors)

I hope it’s understandable and not to much text! :smile:
If I should clarify anything, please let me now.


Hi @Hyper_Ornstein,

If you haven’t come across it, the “Getting Started” section of Rawpedia Getting Started - RawPedia is a good place to start :grinning:

There’s also a similar discussion in the following thread which may help.


Thanks again!
I think I just have to work through some tutorials and videos… :wink:
One last question:
Is there a brush anywhere for masking some details?

Short answer: No. But…

The Local Adjustments section is based on powerful masking and has its own toolset. This can be used to target specifics in an image, be it based on colour, lightness etc, etc. that a user wants to target.

The rest of the modules in RawTherapee, except one section of the Colour Toning module, do not have any masking (or what LR calls brushes).

Andy Astbury made some entry level videos about the Local Adjustments module:


This might be a nice-to-know for an LR user that’s switching to RawTherapee: Andy Astbury is also a LR user and his RawTherapee videos often-times make comparisons between the two.

For example: in Part 1 of the Local Adjustment video he starts out with a short section about how LR brushes work as an intro to working with the Local Adjustment tool in RT.