Looking for an OCR plug-in



a friend of mine is looking for a good alternative for Adobes Fine reader on Windows10 for his workplace.
I have “converted” him already to Libre Office and he is trying Inkscape.
Now my thought was; is there an easy to use plug-in/add-on for Floss programs like Gimp, Libre Office (Writer/Calc), Inkscape, Scribus or maybe GMIC out there?
I know that there are plenty solutions for Googles tesseract, but I think it is too much work for him to get it running at this time.

Thanks for any help!

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Unfortunately the google offering is the best I’ve seen. Evernote and google drive will both do OCR, if you’re into sharing your data with other coporations.

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noise clean and border detect with gmic + CuneiForm or tesseract


No plug-in, but I like (and use) this one: https://github.com/manisandro/gImageReader


Thanks so far for your help!
I think because he is so busy on his workplace he wont have the time/or nerves to install separate front and backends, to try them out. But the wiki with all the different softwares to compare can maybe help him.
So thanks again.

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this is similar http://scantailor.org/