Looking for GIMP equivalent of Photoshop's Transform - Warp

Hi everyone,

I am trying to transition from photoshop to GIMP for my work photographing paintings.

Is there a graphical equivalent in GIMP of photoshop’s Transform > Warp?

I need to manually make small and assymetrical compensations (for lens distortion and imperfect composition) in order to get photographs of straight-sided objects (in my case paintings) straightened up.

Many thanks in advance

Edit: I have tried using cage transform, warp and G’MIC-Qt in GIMP but I can’t get something working with the same speed and dexterity of PS’s Transform - Warp.

Hello. From the Tools menu, select Transform Tools, on which submenu are some 13 different transforms tools, one of which is Warp. Now, I’m no Photoshop user, so I cannot tell you if this Warp tool gives you the same kinds of options you have in Photoshop, but some exploration of both the documentation for these 13 transform tools and playing with the tools on actual photographs is the way forward.


Hi Jur, and welcome.
I don’t know what the Ps ‘Warp’ does exactly, but from your use case, I’d assume that transform>Unified Transform (or ctrl+T) would do what you want.
I’m not that familiar with GIMP!
I had a quick look online, and it appears that the Ps Warp is rather more sophisticated - if my suggestion above doesn’t help, I’m not sure what to suggest, but I’m sure someone can help!

In GIMP you can use the lens distortion filter to correct pincushion and barrel distortion caused by lenses. Then the handle transform tool is excellent at squaring up rectangles shot from an angle. These corrections I have found easier in GIMP than PS CS6 (can not comment about latest PS).

Will this solve your problems?

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For those who don’t know what Warp tool in Photoshop does, it’s the same in Mesh tool in Krita: Transform Tool — Krita Manual 5.0.0 documentation .


There isn’t one, but as Reptorian pointed out, Krita has it.

That said, I would suggest fixing lens distorsion and perspective in your raw processing software. If you are a darktbale user, that should be easy and it works as a GIMP plugin.

The mesh transform tool in Krita has it, exactly as @Reptorian described it, this is what I usually do, dragging a layer (yes a layer from the layer’s stack in GIMP) directly to krita, then doing the same from krita to GIMP (at least on my Linux distro it works), but let’s face it, once I’m on Krita, I continue with krita most of the time depending what I’m doing.

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