Looking for volunteers to build flatpak of Siril

Hello everyone,
I’m posting here, as suggested to me, in order to see if I could find some volunteers that could help us by writing a flatpak manifest of Siril.
Indeed, I could try to do it by myself, however we are working hard on the next release (the 1.0.0), I’m also working on a new DMG bundle packaging, on CI integration, and so on …
We are only a team of two dev, and if I could find someone with the needed knowledge to build a flatpak, that would be wonderful.
At the end, (in addition to the official flatpak github repo.) I would also integrate the flatpak build in the gitlab CI, here.

Best regards,


I believe @paperdigits was possibly building flatpaks? Also, the one and only @Carmelo_DrRaw was packaging various things (more appimages I think though?).


I can take a swing at a flatpak manifest! Do you intend to offer it on flathub?

Perhaps @julian can help also!

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Sure. Thank you :D.

Thx @patdavid :slight_smile:

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Will any of the dependencies change for the 1.0 release?

And do the release tarballs differ from files in the git repo?

The deps. changed from the 0.9.12. There are two more, libheif and exiv2. However, all the dep are written here: https://gitlab.com/free-astro/siril/blob/master/README.md (except for gnuplot that is not needed in the package)

For now, the 1.0 is not ready (lot of work left), the flatpak manifest would be created first for the C I of the gitlab master.

For the flatpak CI I would think about something like that: https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gedit/blob/master/.gitlab-ci.yml

I should be able to help with both the flatpak manifest and the integration with the CI (or if things go down, be at least able to ask the right people)


Great :).
Tell me how you want to proceed. Maybe the easiest is to make a merge request with the gitlab?

Yes, good idea!

I’ll look into it, starting Thursday evening.

Many thanks !!

Thank you everyone on this thread!!

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Oh, @julian, someone worked on it this night: https://github.com/flathub/flathub/pull/1341
However, I’m always ok for the C I help :).


Dear @julian, I’ve updated the work of the packager for the 0.9.12 (and now in flathub) into the master branch of siril: https://gitlab.com/free-astro/siril/tree/master/build/flatpak
Feel free to try the CI if you’re always ok for that.


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Do you have tests, or do only want to check if the flatpak builds + export the bundle?

no tests for now. Unit tests are on their way. But testing the build + bundle export could be great.
I already test the build in a debian environment as you can see here:

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@julian : thank you for your WIP ;).

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