Love the improvements to darktable in master branch


(Martin Scharnke) #1

I bit the bullet and installed 2.5.0 master branch; very impressive improvements:

  • The search in map view works again; hooray!
  • funky colours in the dialog boxes; I guess I can tweak to my taste with the .css
  • I especially like the improvements I have noticed to collect images:
    ** the count of image numbers in parentheses no matter which filter is used
    ** the hierarchy in date/time filters; very nice indeed.

Hats off :tophat: :tophat: :tophat: to the contributors.


I think the biggest improvement in the master branch is the brand new spot removal/healing (so called retouch iop). It is very powerful and even supports wavelet decomposition (useful for skin retouching)

(Pascal Obry) #3

And also:

  • A revamp of the lighttable thumbs too. (color, image format, local copy flag).
  • scrollbars on the lighttable, or both darkroom and lighttable, or none
  • masks are now visible before applying them, and can be changed size, feather
  • liquify mask have also a preview
  • enhanced color balance mode
  • each mask in spot removal can have a different opacity
  • better support for Lr import
  • better support for turboprint


@Pascal_Obry, thanks to you and other developers for doing such a nice job. I have a few questions/comments about some of these features/enhancements:

Would you please describe this more?

Frankly I feel totally lost in the new color balance iop. Its UI is too complex for me.

Also I think there is a capability to rename different instances of iops, now. If so, how does this work? Nothing happens when I click on the “rename” in the drop down list.

Finally, is the bug reporting website (the redmine) is still actively used? I recently noticed that Ctrl-click during the creation of path for drawn masks doesn’t work anymore using latest git version (it was used to create sharp corners). Should I report it there?

(Pascal Obry) #5

You can use the lift / offset / gain mode as before.

(Pascal Obry) #6

When you do a drawn mask circle for example. You have a preview of the mask following the mouse pointer. You can adjust the parameters and when ok just click to create it.

(Pascal Obry) #7

Something to look at indeed! I do not read the Redmine very actively. We have a GitHub, Redmine, mailing-list… too much for me to follow :slight_smile:

(Daniel Catalina) #8

The retouch tool is indeed great :slight_smile:

I have noticed that with this version the lens correction module no longer recognizes my Fuji X-T2. And the camera is indeed no longer in the list if I try to add it manually. Is this something known/expected?

(Pascal Obry) #9

This is usually a lensfun issue. darktable just use whatever information/support is given by this library.


Got it. Thanks for the comments :slight_smile:


I agree. These are simple features but really useful.

I would love to see a tutorial on how to use this. I spent some time with it but in my hands it was a glorified spot removal tool. I feel like it does more than I able to quickly understand.

Is there a list of what was added?

(Pascal Obry) #13

The following tags “creator”, “rights”, “title”, “description”, “publisher” are handled.


Looks like I need to re-import my older files!

(Martin Scharnke) #15

Master branch now comes with zoomable timeline along bottom pane

Zoom with Ctrl-scroll wheel. Furthest “out” zoom gives you tiles by year, closest in gives you tiles by hour.

Provided you don’t have multiple rules/filters in Collect images, clicking the timeline will generate the query for collect images. Dragging on the timeline also works to select a range of dates.

This is fantastic! (OK, maybe it is not all that new, and I am slow to observe the feature).

Again, hats off :tophat::tophat::tophat::clap::clap::clap: for superb functionality!

Very nice indeed

(Martin Scharnke) #16

Again, the Collect images by date has a finest granularity of 1 day, but Collect images by time now gives granularity down to the second. Again, that may be not so new - and I wouldn’t have noticed since I normally use the date filter.



Oh neat, that’s like the Filmulator photos-per-day histogram but even more flexibility.