Lua: Introducing luadocs, the darktable lua documentation

luadocs, the companion site to dtdocs, is now up and running thanks in large part to @paperdigits and @elstoc. The site provides documentation of the lua scripts, the lua scripts library API and the darktable lua API.

The site is definitely a work in progress. If you see something that needs addressed, please submit an issue.

The scripts documentation comes from the header comments in the script. If you are a script author, please feel free visit the repository, and do a PR to update your script’s documentation.




The largest part why this is working, and why lua in darktable is awesome, is thanks to you, @wpferguson!


Nice job guys I guess I have not excuse not to figure this out now…


As long as we’re passing out thanks, I’d like to thank @boucman for the awesome job of embedding Lua in darktable and creating the API. When I first started using Lua I kept wishing that I had this widget and that function. Finally I decided to use what was there and make the most of it. It was only then that I truly began to appreciate what had been created and how powerful it truly was.