Lua: Organize the darktable lua scripts by function

I just opened an issue, Proposal: Organize scripts by function rather than origin, about reorganizing the lua scripts. Please feel free to comment, make suggestions, suggest a different solution, etc. I’d prefer that the comments be added to the issue, but if you have an issue with github, comment here and I’ll copy and paste.




I think you’re spot on!


I just updated to a more recent DT version and I see lua scripts installer. What’s that for? I don’t necessarily have to have that turn on, right? Thanks

In the scripts installer there is a drop down to select an action. You can select don’t show this again, then click execute and it will go away the next time you start darktable. If, sometime in the future, you change your mind, you can go into the preferences, under lua, and uncheck don’t show this again.

Hi, Mike,

You do not have to have anything turned on at all
— unless you might benefit from it.
In my case, I do appreciate the ability to ship a developed image
straight into The Gimp.

Saves me a lot of time.

Have fun!
Claes in Lund, Sweden

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